Our projects

We are recruiting up to 13 fully funded doctoral studentships for an October 2019 start.

A studentship with us comprises a full UKRI stipend (currently £14,777 for the year 2018/19, but this rises annually), tuition fees and a Research Training Support Grant (RTSG) of £11,000 (although a portion of this is retained to fund centrally organised training in your first six months).

There are 21 projects from which to choose. You may select a first choice and a reserve choice project. The closing date for applications was 17 December at 9.00am. The application form is now closed.

We will advertise new projects for an October 2020 start in the autumn.

You can download full details about each October 2019 project and contact details of the supervisory team by clicking the project title.

High resolution modelling of fate and transport of organic micropollutants and their effect on ecosystems in small rivers

Lead supervisor: Professor Jan Hofman Institution: University of Bath

Stereoisomerism of antimicrobial agents and risks to freshwater ecosystems

Lead supervisor: Professor Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern Institution: University of Bath

Talking algae: an early warning system for water quality threats 

Lead supervisor: Dr Paulo Rocha Institution: University of Bath

Diversity and speciation of aquatic macroinvertebrates of Malawi 

Lead supervisor: Professor Martin Genner Institution: University of Bristol

Predator-prey interactions under near-future environmental change: The combined effects of increasing temperature and turbidity

Lead supervisor: Dr Christos Ioannou Institution: University of Bristol

Defining nutrient sources and fluxes driving lowland drinking water reservoir ecosystem response

Lead supervisor: Professor Penny Johnes Institution: University of Bristol

The electric ecology of fresh water habitats

Lead supervisor: Professor Daniel Robert Institution: University of Bristol

aqAMR: AMR at the interface of the agricultural and aquatic environments

Lead supervisor: Dr Thomas Connor Institution: Cardiff University

eDNA: A 21st Century tool to link people and ecosystem health in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Lead supervisor: Professor Peter Kille Institution: Cardiff University

Intervention management options for algal blooms: working with the Canal and River Trust

Lead supervisor: Dr Rupert Perkins Institution: Cardiff University

Diagnosing the reasons for biodiversity decline in rural rivers

Lead supervisor: Dr Ian Vaughan Institution: Cardiff University

Cryptosporidium Movement in Water: Impact of Eutrophication and Climate Change on the Zoonotic Disease Agent  

Lead supervisor: Professor Jo Cable Institution: Cardiff

Using environmental DNA to understand the role of connectivity in pond ecosystems

Lead supervisor: Dr Daniel Read Institution: CEH

Quantifying the impact of beaver reintroduction on aquatic ecology

Lead supervisor: Professor Richard Brazier Institution: University of Exeter

Quantifying the effects of bacteria-phage interactions on daily micronutrient cycling in freshwater ecosystems

Lead supervisor: Professor Ivana Gudelj Institution: University of Exeter

Investigating selection for antimicrobial resistance by non-antibiotic drugs in freshwater microbial communities

Lead supervisor: Dr Aimee Murray Institution: University of Exeter

Development of a next-generation biosensor system for detecting concentrations and tissue distribution of heavy metals in living aquatic animals

Lead supervisor: Professor Steffen Scholpp Institution: University of Exeter

Adapting to life in metal polluted rivers: implications for conservation, genetic diversity and fisheries management in the brown trout (Salmo trutta)

Lead supervisor: Professor Jamie Stevens Institution: University of Exeter

Antibiotic exposure impacts on fish health in natural freshwaters

Lead supervisor: Professor Charles Tyler Institution: University of Exeter

Variability of CO2 and its impact on biota in natural and anthropogenically impacted freshwater environments

Lead supervisor: Professor Rod Wilson Institution: University of Exeter

Quantifying synergies between multiple stressors and biodiversity loss on the functioning of freshwater microbial communities

Lead supervisor: Professor Gabriel Yvon-Durocher Institution: University of Exeter

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