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Below are the projects for October 2020 start. Please continue to check this site as more projects may be added. Click on the title below to download full project information. Please click on ‘How to Apply‘ for information on how to apply for a studentship. Applications will close at 9am on the 16th December.

Using in situ sensors to monitor ecosystem health in freshwater catchments

Lead Supervisor: Liz Bagshaw Institution: Cardiff

Bacterial fish pathogens: ignored threats for aquaculture and the environment 

Lead Supervisor: Cedric Berger Institution: Cardiff

Can beaver-modified ecosystems mitigate water quality deterioration caused by both point and diffuse source pollution? 

Lead Supervisor: Richard Brazier Institution: Exeter

Assessing the impact of peatland restoration on freshwater ecosystems 

Lead Supervisor: Casey Bryce Institution: Bristol

Cryptosporidium movement in water- impact of eutrophication and climate change on the zoonotic disease agent 

Lead supervisor: Jo Cable Institution: Cardiff

Indicators of regime shifts in freshwater ecosystems 

Lead Supervisor: Christopher Clements Institution: Bristol

Ecological drought risks for stream ecosystems 

Lead Supervisor: Isabelle Durance Institution: Cardiff

Cascading effects of micro- and nano-plastics on lipid quality and transfer through freshwater planktonic ecosystems 

Lead Supervisor: Irina Guschina Institution: Cardiff

Chemical and ecological effects of combined sewer overflows on rivers

Lead Supervisor: Jan Hofman Institution: Bath

Speciation of emerging contaminants in wetland systems 

Lead Supervisor: Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern Institution: Bath

Assessing the microbial contamination of freshwater systems by wastewater treatment plants using phage microbial source tracking 

Lead Supervisor: Ana Lanham Institution: Bath

One man’s meat is another man’s poison: exploring the effect of mass drug administration against schistosomes on the aquatic food web. 

Lead Supervisor: Joanne Lello Institution: Cardiff

Quantifying the role of microbial community dynamics in triggering the production of nuisance chemicals in freshwater ecosystems

Lead Supervisor: Chris Lowe Institution: Exeter

Long-term environmental influences on the ecology and conservation of river birds 

Lead Supervisor: Steve Ormerod Institution: Cardiff

Bridging ecology and technology: Using citizen science and artificial intelligence to track fish health 

Lead Supervisor: Sarah Perkins Institution: Cardiff

Understanding the ecological role of organic matter (OM) in urban freshwaters 

Lead Supervisor: Dan Read Institution: CEH/Bristol

The influence of biogeochemical iron(III) reduction on contaminant dynamics in riparian systems 

Lead Supervisor: Devin Sapsford Institution: Cardiff

The mysterious microbial ecosystem beneath our feet: Unravelling the groundwater microbiology archive

Lead Supervisor: James Sorensen Institution: BGS/Cardiff

Adapting to life in an increasingly acid world: understanding tolerance to acidic waters in populations of trout (Salmo trutta)

Lead Supervisor: Jamie Stevens Institution: Exeter

Antibiotic exposure impacts on fish health in natural freshwaters 

Lead Supervisor: Charles Tyler Institution: Exeter

Chlorine reduction wetlands 

Lead Supervisor: Jannis Wenk Institution: Bath

Fish Swimming Dynamics and Behaviour in the Vicinity of a Fish Exclusion Screen 

Lead Supervisor: Catherine Wilson Institution: Cardiff

Using physiology to generate novel control measures and management strategies for ectoparasite outbreaks in freshwater trout fisheries 

Lead Supervisor: Rod Wilson Institution: Exeter

Predicting the dynamics of community biomass and size distributions in freshwater communities exposed to long-term warming

Lead Supervisor: Gabriel Yvon-Durocher Institution: Exeter

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