Research Experience Placements

We currently have three paid positions available to take place over the summer and are looking for project proposals from GW4 supervisors in the NERC freshwater remit. Projects should be run remotely.

To submit project proposals for this opportunity please fill out the survey found here by 1200pm on 20th April.

Placements take place over the summer holiday (for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks) between June and early September 2020.

The total grant available per project is £2,500. Students must be paid living wage standards and we recommend a split of £2000 available towards stipend, with £500 available in project research and training expenses.

The proposed REP projects must:

  • have a clearly defined objective.
  • be within the science remit of NERC (preferably freshwater bioscience).
  • entail project or training expenses of no more than £500
  • be feasible for a student  to complete within the timescale of the award.
  • include more than purely a computer/modelling component i.e. some element of fieldwork, data collection, activity to give an understanding of the wider context etc.
  • give scope for thought and initiative on the part of the student and should not use the student as a general assistant.
  • be based at an eligible UK research organisation.

Selected students must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for a REP. The students must be:

  • studying for an undergraduate degree in a quantitative discipline (e.g. mathematics, statistics, computing, engineering, physics) outside of NERC’s scientific remit
  • applying for a placement in a different department to their undergraduate degree.
  • undertaking their first undergraduate degree studies (or integrated Masters).
  • expected to obtain a first or upper second class UK honours degree.
  • eligible for subsequent NERC PhD funding (i.e. UK, EU or right to remain in the UK).

Note that the important thing is that the student for your project must be someone who is studying in a quantitative discipline outside of the NERC remit and that the placement is in a different department to their undergraduate degree.

The GW4+ DTP will also be separately advertising three REP Placements with a wider NERC remit.

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